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Take Home Pay per Patient

after deduction of 30% Service fee, before tax

Urgent Home Visits

$169 to $257

per patient

Non Urgent Home Visits

$127 to $197

per patient

Urgent Telehealth after 11pm

$117 to $152

per patient

Telehealth before 11pm

$47 to $116

per patient

You’ll always earn more at Night Doctor

The graph below shows the range of take home pay per patient for home visits consultations at Night Doctor, compared with a bulk billing service that charges GPs a service fee of 35% of their billings.

By charging a gap and offering lower service fees, Night Doctor allows you to take home twice as much per patient. It’s the only way that a service can remain viable and doctors can earn an excellent income, without relying on billing urgent Medicare items for all consultations. Night Doctor puts you in control of your billing decisions so you can be confident you are billing urgent items only when it is appropriate and ensure you are doing the right thing by Medicare and taxpayers.

You don’t have to start your telehealth shift at 11pm to earn great income at Night Doctor!

The graph below shows the range of take home pay per patient for telehealth consultations at Night Doctor, compared with a bulk billing service that charges GPs a service fee of 35% of their billings.

Unfortunately the Medicare rebates for telehealth before 11pm aren’t great. Some bulk billing deputising services get around this by not allowing patients to book for telehealth until after 11pm and only billing the higher rebates available for late night urgent cases. This tactic exposes their doctors to very high risk of being flagged for audit by Medicare and potentially having to pay back their earnings. It also exposes patients to risk of clinical deterioration by delaying their access to medical care. As you can see from the graph above, by charging a gap you can have solid earnings and help us to provide telehealth support for our affiliated GP practices throughout the after hours period.

Our GP practice affiliations ensure great Telehealth earnings for our Doctors and lower out of pocket fees for our patients!

As a privately billing deputising service Night Doctor has an advantage over other non deputising Telehealth providers. We have deputising agreements with over 125 GP practices in Perth, which means all of their regular patients are eligible for medicare rebates for telehealth consults at Night Doctor. We still charge a gap to ensure our doctors have great earnings but with access to medicare rebates the patient’s out of pocket fee is much less than non deputising telehealth providers.

You’re free to bulk bill telehealth after 11pm, its totally up to you!

We charge a gap for telehealth, but due to significantly higher medicare rebates some GPs prefer to bulk bill late night urgent telehealth consultations. After 11pm patients with urgent conditions seen over video telehealth are eligible for a Medicare rebate of ~$170, so you’ll take home ~$120 per bulk billed consult.

Our receptionists put all patients who are not willing to pay a gap on a bulk billing request and document their medical problem. You can then determine that the patient is eligible to be bulk billed (if their condition is urgent) and you can offer them a bulk billed appointment with the click of a button.

You have full control over your shifts from start to finish.

We are here to support you to reach your objectives and have learned that keeping GPs happy is the key to our success.

That’s why we give you the freedom to:

  • work as much or as little as you want
  • choose when to start or finish your shifts
  • choose how many patients you want to see each shift
  • make your own billing decisions
  • provide home visits, telehealth or both

Ready to get started or want to learn more?

If you want to organise a chat to learn more or are ready to sign up then please fill out the form below and then schedule a time for a chat.

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