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Hourly Take Home Pay





Earn Top Locum Rates

Night Doctor is a private billing service which means our patients pay a gap; this significantly boosts your income.

This table compares earnings at Night Doctor with a bulk billing after-hours service.

GP Fellows – Hourly take home pay*
GP Fellows
Service fee doctors pay to practice
Bulk billing service
Night Doctor weekday
Night Doctor weekend
GP Registrars – Hourly take home pay*
GP Registrars
Service fee doctors pay to practice
Bulk billing service
Night Doctor weekday
Night Doctor weekend
RMOs / Registrars – Hourly take home pay*
RMOs / Registrars
Service fee doctors pay to practice
Bulk billing service
Night Doctor weekday
Night Doctor weekend

*These rates are conservative figures and based on the following assumptions:

  • 2 home visits per hour (On average our doctors visit 2-3 patients per hour)
  • One visit is for an urgent case and one visit is for a non urgent case (Medicare pay higher rebates for urgent cases)
  • A standard Night Doctor gap of $65. Gaps are higher after 9pm, on weekends and on public holidays
  • A doctor on our independent package (detailed below) where you provide your own vehicle and equipment.
  • For comparison reasons, bulk billing take home pay is based on the service fees that apply for our independent package.

What about costs?

With Night Doctor, you get the flexibility to provide your own car, assistant and supplies—or have us supply it for you at cost price.

We can tell you exactly what your ideal custom package will cost when you apply, but here’s an overview of the different options available.

Everything is complimentary for your first two shifts

For your first two shifts our Doctors Assistant will pick you up from home in our vehicle which is fully stocked with equipment. This allows you to get orientated, try our systems out and decide what works best for you before you make any commitment. If you aren’t happy for any reason and don’t want to pick up any more shifts then that’s no problem and you aren’t out of pocket.

Get your own equipment

If you want to buy a set of equipment to keep at home, we can provide it to you at cost price or you can source your own.

A standard set of equipment includes

  • Diagnostics equipment e.g Pulse oximeter, Sphygmomanometer, Thermometer, Glucometer
  • Wide range of consumables and dressings
  • Wide range of medications to give patients starter doses, and in case of emergencies
  • Emergency kit- IV access and airway management
  • PPE

A standard set of new equipment costs approximately $1200 which can be claimed as a business expense and is tax deductible. Basically you only have to work one shift to cover this cost and you will end up with a high quality doctors kit that will last you for many years to come.

Hiring Night Doctor equipment and vehicle.

If you prefer to hire equipment and a vehicle there is a flat fee of $100 per day.

This includes the use of the vehicle itself, fuel, insurance, maintenance, medical equipment and consumables. These costs can be claimed as business expenses and are tax deductible. Basically you need to see one patient on a shift to cover this cost.

Doctor Assistants

You can work without an Assistant, employ your own, or we can provide you with one. Our Assistant can either drive our vehicle stocked with equipment or your vehicle if you have your own equipment.

If you choose to use one of our Assistants we simply on-charge their wages to you at cost price.

Assistants are employed under the Health and Support Services award at level 3 for a casual shift worker. Their rates are:

Hourly Rate
Hourly rate including super
Sat and Sun
Public Holidays
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